PROJECT — Residents of low-income housing share their stories.

“Listen to the Trees” is an ongoing series of personal photographs I began in 2012. This series of images was printed for a gallery exhibition that opened in March 2020.

I mostly encountered these trees — redwoods, oaks, laurels and other species — during regular walks in the eastern hills of Oakland, Calif., in Joaquin Miller Park.

Scientific evidence revealing plant-to-plant communication reinforces my own spiritual feelings of connection to all that lives, including trees.

I hope viewers will be inspired to experience trees in new and mind-opening ways, helping us draw closer to our arboreal and other non-human neighbors. The trees have much to teach us if only we stop and “listen” — with all our senses.


EAH Housing, a nonprofit provider of low-income affordable housing, serves more than 25,000 residents in California and Hawaii.