About Tom

As a kid, books fueled my imagination and fed my curiosity. But writing wasn’t my first calling. Photography was.

The first time I watched a black and white print come to life in a tray of developer I heard the call. Magic!

Chasing that magic led to two decades as an award-winning photojournalist, first for newspapers, and later for freelance clients, including news organizations, businesses and nonprofits.

Later, during seven years living in Honolulu, I added writing to what I offered clients. My wife’s career had brought us to the islands and there we learned to love body surfing, hiking in the Ko’olau Mountains and eating shave ice with azuki beans.

Soon after our son was born, we returned to the San Francisco Bay Area, to be closer to family and pursue other work opportunities. After five years at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland and one at Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California research division, I now do freelance writing, photography and videography.

I tend to be serious, but also enjoy clowning around. Just ask my wife and 19-year-old son. When not working I enjoy bicycling, gardening, cooking, yoga, cross-country skiing, hiking, camping and watching superhero movies with my son.